Percussion/found objects

Here are the "found objects" used in my compositions.

Liquid Sextet for percussion

In this piece, I group unconventional sounds together by similar timbre. Some of them are extended techniques used as commonly as playing the instrument traditionally, but some involve cheap supplies that create interesting sounds. Have you ever wondered which office supply item makes the most satisfying "plunk" sound when dropped into water? Or how to make a soda can sound like a long, satisfying, filter sweep? Watch this video to find out.  

Union of Ruckus (13-EDO) for fixed media

This de-tuned, de-rhythmic track was created entirely from the sounds of noisemakers around my house, as well as a train whistle. I used bit-crushing and creative convolution to make the train sounds, big synth, and other effects.  

Udderbot next!!

I love Jacob Barton's udderbot invention, and I will be writing some xenharmonic song(s?) with it soon! Here is the udderbot.

Please contact Stephen about anything musical.

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