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Stephen Weigel is a composer and performer of Indianapolis, IN, with a Master’s in Music Composition and Bachelor’s of Music Media Production at Ball State University. His past teachers include Jody Nagel, Michael Pounds, Derek Johnson, Amelia Kaplan, Daniel Swilley, Eleanor Trawick, and Keith Kothman. Stephen’s contributions have been featured at UnTwelve, SPLICE, SEAMUS, Electronic Music Midwest, Charlotte New Music Festival, Electroacoustic Barn Dance, Classical Connect, Edition Zalzal, MU Global, Thirsty Ear, Microtonal Adventures Festival, Pärnu Nüüdismuusika Päevade (Estonia), and Hindemith & Copland International Festival. His music is melodic, intelligible, and purpose-driven, though conceptual premises vary wildly - compositional goals often include finding new-sounding chord progressions and melodies, evoking unfamiliar or diverse emotions, poking fun at social ideas, or making sense of uncharted territory. Although his primary instrument is piano, he specializes in performing xenharmonic tunings as a multi-instrumentalist, which is accomplished using DIY keyboard interfaces, electronics, guitars, the voice, and more. In graduate school, he wrote about all-scalar-set theory, which is the mathematical link between Forte’s post-tonal set theory and Wilson’s Moment of Symmetry theories. Other endeavors include the microtonal podcast featuring Sevish (Now and Xen), keyboard arrangements of Easley Blackwood’s microtonal etudes, transcriptions of microtonal music in a wide variety of equal temperaments, and extensive experience in piano accompaniment and teaching/arranging rock band classes for kids.

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