Stephen Weigel is a native of Indianapolis, IN, and got both his Master’s in Music Composition and Bachelor’s of Music Media Production at Ball State University. His past teachers include Jody Nagel, Michael Pounds, Derek Johnson, Amelia Kaplan, Daniel Swilley, Eleanor Trawick, and Keith Kothman. Stephen’s works have been featured at UnTwelve, EMM 2016, CNMF 2017, EABD 2018, Thirsty Ear 2018, SEAMUS 2018, and MAF 2018. His music is unique for being highly melodic, intelligible, and purpose-driven. His specialties are electronics and xenharmonic music, which he often plays live using DIY keyboard interfaces, guitars, and the voice. He has put on xenharmonic music with Orlando Cela and Wei Zhao (Duo Zhonda), Beo String Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble, Neil Haverstick, The Mercury Tree, Elaine Walker, SEVISH, Iglashion Jones, Aaron Kister Johnson, and UnTwelve. He also discovered all-scalar-set theory, which is arguably the most important mathematical link between Forte’s post-tonal set theory and Wilson’s Moment of Symmetry theories.