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??? - Contributor (about modified keyboard technique) to Robert Lopez-Hanshaw's "Practical Microtones," a handbook for using microtones with most instruments up to 72 notes per octave.

<> 1/2022 - Featured performer/composer/theorist at Pärnu Nüüdismuusika Päevad 2022


<> 10/2021 - Presentation at NC State University's music theory club on the emoji album (workflow, free Q&A)
<> 10/2021 - Moderator for Johnny Reinhard's online global university (MU):

<> 9/2021 - Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media (the 11-tone movement) is recorded by Budapest Scoring thanks to Matthew Sheeran!

<> 9/2021 - Contributor to Edition Zalzal published microtonal scores (Brendan Byrnes, others)

<> 8/2021 - Short paragraph on Easley Blackwood is featured on "Classical Connect" here (August 23, 2021): 

<> 5/2021 - Featured on staffcirc Vol. 7b "Luna Octava" compilation album

<> 4/2021 - Featured on sinecraft Vol. 3 compliation album

<> 1/2021 - Featured performer/composer/theorist at Pärnu Nüüdismuusika Päevad 2021; with presentation on Xenharmonics, Moderation, and Tonality (how we can reconcile xenharmonic ideas with tonal ideas? How do repetition, structure, and comparison affect our ability to hear things as being familiar?) 

<> 10/2020 - Spectator at Prague's Microfest 2020

<> 7/2020 - Songs of the Ill and Jaded (viola/accompaniment commission) completed!

<> 6/2020 - 🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘 released (~$1000 raised for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd GoFundMe)

<> 3/2020 - During the Covid-19 epidemic, my 31-tone equal tempered 20-second song "Wash Your Hands" is featured on Isaac Schankler's "Songs to Wash Your Hands To" (proceeds go to charity)

<> 2/2020 - Comp Seminar @ Ball State University​

I speak about some of the tracks and ethos behind my upcoming album 🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘

<> 1/2020 - KPISS.FM @ Brooklyn, New York

I am interviewed as a featured guest on xenharmonic radio (KPISS.FM) with Jude Thomas, in which we get a teaser of my next album 🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘

<> 1/2020 - Now&Xen launches its Patreon page, to secure essential funding.
<> 12/2019 - Spectropol Records @ Bellingham, Washington
My 32-EDO track "Zinnia Riplet" is featured on the regular microtonal release "Possible Worlds" (Volume 4)!

<> 9/2019 - Private Concert @ Ball State University
I sing Ben Fuhrman's "Promethean Elegies" using a tone row in 23-tone equal temperament! Video is here.

<> 8/2019 - Co-host change @ Now&Xen

At the microtonal podcast, Now&Xen, Jacob Barton became our co-host, while SEVISH took a break from the show. Expect to hear Jacob on the show starting October 2019!

<> 8/2019 - UnTwelve 2019 @ Gesundheit! Institute
Six of my pieces were recorded, and I also performed in several pieces and cover songs. The UnTwelve 2019 playlist I put together of my activities is here. Tunings in which I performed/recorded include - 9edo, 15edo, 16edo, 22edo, 31edo, 13-limit JI, and Bohlen-Pierce.

<> 7/2019 - How Things are Made @ Pittsburgh
I am featured on Brian Riordan's podcast/experimental music project How Things are Made. This was a huge honor. Some of my 14edo music is played, and I talk about what food 14-edo is like. The podcast no longer uploads new episodes, but they're backed up on Bandcamp.

<> 4/2019 - Lewis University @ Chicago
"Reception for Phone Ensemble" premiered by Lewis' Laptop Ensemble along with Joo Won Park, Eric Honour, and Kristina Warren

<> 4/2019 - Multi-loudspeaker (18.4) EM concert @ Ball State University
"Texting about Broccoli" premiered in Sursa Hall

<> 4/2019 - New Music Ensemble @ Ball State University
"The Ball State Centennial Suite" performed by the BSU New Music Ensemble

<> 1/2019 - EM|3 @ Ball State University
"Twofold Abiogenesis" performed with live processing and audiovisual manipulation; live performance is here
<> 11/2018 - libsyn, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, FB, Twitter
"Now&Xen" (podcast co-hosted with SEVISH) releases its first episode!

<> 11/2018 - The Lethe Lounge @ New York City
"Where Were You During the Apocalypse" covered by udderbot virtuoso Jacob Barton

<> 10/2018 - Student Composers' Forum @ Ball State University
"Tiptoes in Quicksand" video played on projector and speakers

<> 10/2018 - SCII Cluster Concert Hymn Fest @ Broadripple United Methodist Church
Featured pianist and hymn improvisation

<> 9/2018: SCI Student National Conference 2018 @ Indiana University
Composition/performance/premiere of "Piano Sonata No. 1"

<> 8/2018: Thirsty Ear Festival 2018 @ Access Contemporary School of Music
Performed "Curiosity Finds a Frown," "Warning about the Pond Cycle," and Aaron Kister Johnson's "Alleluia" and "Si, Siluas" at Thirsty Ear Festval as a featured guest of UnTwelve

<> 7/2018: I graduate from Ball State University with a Master of Music Composition.

<> 5/2018: Microtonal Adventures Festival 2018 @ Western Washington University
Performed "Curiosity Finds a Frown," "Emancipate Pitch!," and "Fiat Circadia," played Elaine Walker's songs, and lectured on All-Scalar Set Theory

<> 4/2018: Xenharmonic New Music Showcase 2018 @ Ball State University
An event I put on and organized myself, with enough national clout to bring guests from around the United States, such as Neil Haverstick (CO), Ian Wiese (MA), Chris Vaisvil (IN), and M.O. Abbott (IL). Ian Wiese had a residency with me at the university, and lectured on 72-tone equal temperament the day of the concert. The concert also featured music from Dr. Daniel Swilley, as well as from Aaron Kister Johnson. The concert was not required for any class or credit, and I simply put it on to inspire interest in xenharmonic music right before I graduated at Ball State with my master's degree in composition. It was a near-full house in Choral Hall, and the Ball State Daily even wrote a short article about it, which you can find here. The music which I performed in is on my channel here, and programs to the concert can be found here.

<> 3/2018: SEAMUS 2018 @ University of Oregon in Eugene
"Iridescent Wenge Fugue" played as fixed media

<> 3/2018: Ball State University New Music Festival
Composition/performance/premiere of "In the Week Midwinter" piano miniature by me (movement II of "Poorly Named Miniatures" collection)
<> 2/2018: Electroacoustic Barn Dance 2018 @ Jacksonville University
"Iridescent Wenge Fugue" played as fixed media
​<> 12/2017: Wind Ensemble Reading @ Ball State University
"Alternative Idolizations of Mammon" read by players as selection

<> 11/2017: Electronic Music 2 @ Ball State University
"Subconscious Train Matter" premiered in Ball State University Laptop Ensemble

<> 10/2017: Xenharmonic God @ Village Green Records
I played/sung all of my own music in 13-limit JI, 11-EDO, 17-EDO, 19-EDO, 20-EDO, 22-EDO, and 23-EDO.

<> 7/2017: UnTwelve interview
The interview, where I discuss 11-tone equal temperament and a few other ideas, can be found here.

<> 6-7/2017: Charlotte New Music Festival @ University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Duo Zhonda performs my piece "Exponentially More Lost and Forgetful," I speedwrite a piece for Beo String Quartet based on the Beatles, Lou Harrison, and my birthday, and lecture about xenharmonic composition with a little Q & A. (Incidentally, I also create "Hunger Wanders in an Empty Room!")

<> 5/2017: "Gold-Teased Peppermint" is featured in William Sethares' Hyperpiano CD "Upsilon", which is also presented at Mathematics and Computation in Music 2017.

<> 4/2017: Student Composers' Forum @ BSU
Composition/performance/premiere of "Death Giving Monolith," with me singing and and playing in the tuning system of 7-tone equal temperament on the hammered dulcimer

<> 2/2017: Composition Seminar @ Ball State University
Lecture: "Meanings and ideas of the word xenharmonic"

<> 2/2017: International Contemporary Ensemble Reading @ Ball State University
"Quintet in Quarter Tones" selected for reading by five of the members

<> 1/2017: SCI Region IV @ University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Performed in Daniel Sitler's trio "Catharsis" on the piano

<> 12/2016: I officially start the Xenharmonic Music Alliance (XMA) as a Ball State campus organization. The organization is active on Facebook as well as Benny Link. An article was written two months later about the impact of the organization as well, which you can find here.

<> 11/2016: SCI National Conference 2016 @ Ball State University
Lecture on All Scalar-Set Theory and its relation to pitch classes

<> 10/2016: Electronic Music Midwest 2016 @ Lewis University
"Sky at Witching Hour" played as fixed media

<> 9/2016: Composition Seminar @ Ball State University
Lecture on the "Language of Just Intonation"

<> 8/2016: UnTwelve 2016 @ Circle Pines in Michigan
I performed some of my own songs, and got to meet microtonal theorists/composers such as Kyle Gann, Joe Monzo, and Doug Blumeyer.

<> 5/2016: I graduate from Ball State University with a bachelor's degree in Music Media Production.

<> 4/2016: Honors College Expo @ Ball State University
"All-Scalar Set Theory" presentation

<> 4/2016: Microtonal Music Organization @ Kennedy Library in Muncie
Lecture: "What does music sound like without 12 notes?"

<> 4/2016: BSU Capstone Lecture
"Electronics, Media, and Composition"

<> 3/2016: Ball State senior composition recital, performances of music are on my YouTube channel

<> 1/2016: Composition Seminar @ Ball State University
Lecture: "Theory Behind 'A Middle Path'"
<> 4/2015: Composition Seminar @ Ball State University
Lecture: "N-Tone Tuning Systems and Uses"

<> 3/2015: Student Symposium @ Ball State University
Poster and fair: "A New Scalar Set Theory"

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