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Instruments I play/teach in private lessons:
<> Piano and keyboards (organ, microtonal, isomorphic)

<> Voice (Tenor II)

<> Guitar, Bass Guitar

<> Woodwinds (best at saxophone and recorder)

<> Found objects (like in Walter Thompson's soundpainting)


Types of music I often perform:

<> Church music; contrapuntal, hymn-based, praise/worship, etc. 

<> New music by contemporary composers

<> Piano accompaniment; university, high school (with children, amateurs, professionals, microtonalists)

<> Microtonal/xenharmonic cover songs

<> Popular styles/lead sheet


Strong improvisation skills; good at staying with the group/leading/following in accompaniment situations; specialist in microtonality/xenharmonics

If you want to see performances, check out my YouTube channel!

Here are some albums of cover songs that I have released!

WEIGEL family christmas xenharmonic choc
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