Now & Xen is the podcast I host with SEVISH, who is active in the EDM community, with "split-notes" hosting lots of microtonal groove albums. He and I come to the musical world with very different perspectives as songwriters/composers. This is a podcast by microtonalists, for musicians and interested listeners of all backgrounds. Click on the image to go to the hosting website, and be sure to follow the other social media below as well! The cast is on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Libsyn, and the RSS feed

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2015 - Derek Johnson: Zones of Lasting Novelty (recorded at Un12 2019)

2017 - Charlotte New Music Festival (Duo Zhonda): Exponentially More Lost and Forgetful

2019 - Chase Jordan: Atlantic Opalescence

2019 - Ben Fuhrman: Promethean Elegies

2020 - Thomas Schuerich: The Divinity of Their Horizon (coming soon!)

2020 - John C.L. Jansen: 22edo etude (coming soon!)

Xenharmonic Showcases - coming soon!

Please contact Stephen about anything musical.

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