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Lots of my music has lyrics bound up in it, and is actively interested in breaking down a perception between "songwriting" and "composition." The works on this page are often performed by me, so I consider them songs not only because they have unique melodies and chord progressions that describe their identity more than the instrumentation might, but also because I wrote them for myself and not for others to play. Some songs use acoustic instruments and some use synthesizers. There are pieces that share attributes of songs in the other sections as well, though if music was generated entirely "in the box" but still sounds like a track, it went to "electronic."

(With lyrics/text)

<>!final DE-MASTERED [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(16-EDO); 12/4/2020; singer and synth; 05'01"

<>Delphie [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(16-EDO); 12/4/2020; singer and synth; 04'01"

<>Battlesnake [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(20-EDO); 12/4/2020; singer and guitar; 05'07"

<>$L0W [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(20-EDO); 12/4/2020; singer, guitar, and synth; 09'23"

<>Maskera [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(20-EDO); 12/4/2020; singer, guitar, and synth; 05'03"

<>Popularity Through Brute Force [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (9-EDO); 11/29/2020; singers and synth; 05'58"

<>Good Things Take a Loong Time [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (20-EDO); 11/1/2020; guitar, singer, and synth; 05'28"

<>$TOP YOUR CREATIVITY WITH THE$E $IX TO $EVEN $IMPLE $TEP$ [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (20-EDO); 10/2/2020; singers, synth, guitar; 09'21"

<>Clubb Hubb (27-EDO); 6/11/2020; singer and synth; 03'37"

<>Three Weeping Tyrants (10-EDO); 5/19/2020; hyperpiano, guitar, and singer; 08'01"

<>Tell Me Before the Entropy Hits (22-EDO); 4/21/2020; singer and synth; 23'10"

<>Fort Cindy-Poo! (20-EDO); 3/22/2020; singers and synth; 03'23"

<>Reading Writing Wrong Way (13-limit JI); 11/24/2019; harmonic guitar and voice; 08'28"

<>Improvisation is Hard Gesundheit! Edition (31-EDO); 9/18/2019; hammered dulcimer and voice; 02'37"

<>Falling out of Success (31-EDO); 9/5/2019; voice and piano; 04'27"

<>Her Selcouth Touch (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce"); 7/30/2019; singers and synth; 04'41"

<>All Pretends Diminished (15-EDO); 2/26/2019; singer and synth; 07'20"

<>Keep Out of My Psyche (15-EDO); 1/25/2019; singer and synth; 03'35"

<>Console MPath (14-EDO); 11/8/2018; four hands synth and singers; 12'55"

<>None Like Dislike Lie (14-EDO); 10/31/2018; TTBB choir, vocoder, and synth; 04'06"

<>Unusual Unreal Unbelievable You (11-EDO); 9/13/2018; singer and synth; 05'00"

<>Nerdstick Walks ( JI "Tickner Scale"); 8/28/2018; singer, banjo, and synth; 03'00"

<>Ice Cream Galaxa (13-EDO); 8/27/2018; singer and synth; 02'30"

<>Key to Owning Original Words (31-EDO); 7/20/2018; singer and synth; 04'15"

<> Fiat Circadia (10-EDO); 7/5/2018; singer and synth; 11'51"

<>Non-Materialists Bargain Awkwardly; 6/26/2018; singer and piano; 05'25"

<>Nowhere in Super Particular (Sonarda TE); 4/22/2018; singer and synth; 05'25"

<>PullingWeedsInTheDarkAges [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (20-EDO); 4/20/2018; singer and synth; 02'31"

<>Curiosity Finds a Frown (23-EDO); 3/13/2018; singer and synth; 04'30"

<>Warning about the Pond Cycle (19-EDO); 10/10/2017; singer and guitar; 06'00"

<>You Lied, and I'm Not Mentioning Your Name (20-EDO); 8/9/2017; singer and synth; 02'41"

<>God's Favorite Tuning [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (20-EDO); 8/9/2017; singer and synth; 02'16"

<>A Mean Little Voice (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce"); 1/14/2017; fixed media; 06'34"

<>Demanding Two Faces (17-EDO); 9/2/2016; singer and synth; 03'11"

<>Where Were You During the Apocalypse? (17-EDO); 9/1/2016; singer and synth; 02'04"

<>Prayer of Desperation; 3/18/2016; singer and piano; 02'28"

<>Emancipate Pitch! (22-EDO); 3/1/2016; singer and synth; 03'13"

(Acoustic/synth instrumentals)

<>2020TONEGUITAR$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(20-EDO); 12/4/2020; twenty 20-EDO guitars; 07'31"

<>Ex MaSSive Black Hole [Ignoring Years of Hindsight(20-EDO); 12/4/2020; guitar and synth; 05'01"

<>1 HOUR Chakra Meditation attempt FREE [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (23-limit JI, 20-EDO); 10/21/2020; synth; 01°00'00"

<>Wedding Bells in Limbo (17-EDO); 9/24/2020; synth; 10'06"

<>Shot Fades the Sum Of (16-EDO); 9/1/2019; guitar, synth, drums; 06'06"

<>What It's Like To Follow KEYTAR BEAR (22-EDO); 2/23/2019; synth; 03'02"

<>Tiptoes in Quicksand (14-EDO); 9/15/2017; synths, flutes, marimba; 06'42

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