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Equal divisions of the octave (EDO's)


<>0edo {🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘;]🤑😝😝😝😝😝😝😝🤑😝😝😝😝😝... (0-EDO)

<>[Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media] - (I) 5 NOTES: Grazioso (5-EDO)

<>[Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media] - (VI) 7 NOTES: Vivace (7-EDO)

<>Death Giving Monolith, 4/11/2017; singer and hammered dulcimer; 09'40" (7-EDO)

<>[Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media(V) 8 NOTES: Grave (8-EDO)

<>Tenacious Chorale, 3/18/2016; guitar trio - (II) 8-edo (8-EDO)

<>Tenacious Chorale, 3/18/2016; guitar trio - (I) 9-edo (9-EDO)

<>[Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media(III) 9 NOTES: Prestissimo (9-EDO)

<>Gamelan, Origin, Creation, 8/20/2017; cello and violin; 02'15" (9-EDO)

<>Popularity Through Brute Force [Ignoring Years of Hindsight], 11/29/2020; singers and synth; 05'58" (9-EDO)

<>Zones of Lasting Novelty, 11/3/2015; synth, 2 violins, and trombone; 05'25" (9-EDO) 

<>[Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media] - (IV) 10 NOTES: Maestoso (10-EDO)

<> Fiat Circadia; 7/5/2018; singer and synth; 11'51" (10-EDO)

<>Three Weeping Tyrants; 5/19/2020; hyperpiano, guitar, and singer; 08'01" (10-EDO)

<>[Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media] - (II) 11 NOTES: Larghetto (11-EDO)

<>Unusual Unreal Unbelievable You; 9/13/2018; singer and synth; 05'00" (11-EDO)

<>A Long Stroll at the Beach; 3/18/2016; trombone quartet; 09'43" (12-EDO)

<>Alternative Idolizations of Mammon; 1/19/2018; wind ensemble; 05'02" (12-EDO)

<>Bragging with Gratitude; completed 2/7/2017; strings, winds and piano; 05'00" (12-EDO)

<>In the Week Midwinter; 4/7/2018; piano; 01'42" (12-EDO)

<>Love, Power, and Wisdom in Situ; 3/22/2016; bassoon; 11'06" (12-EDO)

<>Meditation on the Amida Buddha; 1/9/2018; mixed quintet; 02'31" (12-EDO)

<>Non-Materialists Bargain Awkwardly; 6/26/2018; singer and piano; 05'25" (12-EDO)

<>Piano Sonata No. 1; 9/25/2017; piano; 09'30" (12-EDO)

<>Prayer of Desperation; 3/18/2016; singer and piano; 02'28" (12-EDO)

<>Stay with Me; 3/18/2016; SATB choir; 07'20" (12-EDO)

<>The Ball State Centennial Suite; 4/29/2019; mixed quartet and piano; 07'00" (12-EDO)

<>The Heptapods' Second Gift; 4/11/2017; contrabass clarinet and piano; 11'00" (12-EDO)

<>Liquid Sextet; completed 2/14/2018; percussion ensemble; 20'00" (12-EDO)

<>Ice Cream Galaxa; 8/27/2018; singer and synth; 02'30" (13-EDO)

<>Union of Ruckus; 9/4/2018; toys; 07'44" (13-EDO)

<>Console MPath; 11/8/2018; four hands synth and singers; 12'55" (14-EDO)

<>None Like Dislike Lie; 10/31/2018; TTBB choir, vocoder, and synth; 04'06" (14-EDO)

<>Our Pixel Perfect Dial Tone of Voice; 8/8/2017; synth; 04'22" (14-EDO)

<>Tiptoes in Quicksand; 9/15/2017; synths, flutes, marimba; 06'42" (14-EDO)

<>All Pretends Diminished; 2/26/2019; singer and synth; 07'20" (15-EDO)

<>Keep Out of My Psyche; 1/25/2019; singer and synth; 03'35" (15-EDO)

<>Songs of the Ill and Jaded; completed 7/7/2020; viola and synth; ~15'00"? - (II) 15-equal (15-EDO)

<>Xen and Now; 11/20/2018; synth; 05'14" (15-EDO)

<>!final DE-MASTERED [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; singer and synth; 05'01" (16-EDO)

<>Delphie [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; singer and synth; 04'01" (16-EDO)

<>Hunger Wanders in an Empty Room [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 7/1/2017; synth; 06'50" (16-EDO)

<>Shot Fades the Sum Of; 9/1/2019; guitar, synth, drums; 06'06" (16-EDO)

<>Demanding Two Faces; 9/2/2016; singer and synth; 03'11" (17-EDO)

<>Skirmish With Itself; 9/15/2017; synth; 02'33" (17-EDO)

<>Watching From Sin Valley; 4/4/2021; synth; 02'56" (17-EDO)

<>Wedding Bells in Limbo; 9/24/2020; synth; 10'06" (17-EDO)

<>Where Were You During the Apocalypse?; 9/1/2016; singer and synth; 02'04" (17-EDO)

<>De-Void of Re-Incarnation; 2/5/2018; fixed media; 09'39" (18-EDO)

<>Warning about the Pond Cycle; 10/10/2017; singer and guitar; 06'00" (19-EDO)

<>2020TONEGUITAR$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; twenty 20-EDO guitars; 07'31" (20-EDO)

<>Battlesnake [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; singer and guitar; 05'07" (20-EDO)

<>Ex MaSSive Black Hole [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; guitar and synth; 05'01" (20-EDO)

<>Fort Cindy-Poo!; 3/22/2020; singers and synth; 03'23" (20-EDO)

<>God's Favorite Tuning [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 8/9/2017; singer and synth; 02'16" (20-EDO)

<>Good Things Take a Loong Time [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 11/1/2020; guitar, singer, and synth; 05'28" (20-EDO)

<>Maskera [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; singer, guitar, and synth; 05'03" (20-EDO)

<>PullingWeedsInTheDarkAges [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 4/20/2018; singer and synth; 02'31" (20-EDO)

<>$L0W [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; singer, guitar, and synth; 09'23" (20-EDO)

<>$TOP YOUR CREATIVITY WITH THE$E $IX TO $EVEN $IMPLE $TEP$ [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 10/2/2020; singers, synth, guitar; 09'21" (20-EDO)

<>Underwater Spontaneity [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 9/16/2017; synth; 08'51" (20-EDO)

<>You Lied, and I'm Not Mentioning Your Name; 8/9/2017; singer and synth; 02'41" (20-EDO)

<>Iridescent Wenge Fugue; 11/17/2016; synth; 02'50" (21-EDO)

<>aesthetic softlock without cheats; 4/4/2021; synth; 06'11" (22-EDO)

<>Emancipate Pitch!; 3/1/2016; singer and synth; 03'13" (22-EDO)

<>Tell Me Before the Entropy Hits; 4/21/2020; singer and synth; 23'10" (22-EDO)

<>Twinkly Twiddly Dance (22-EDO); 1/19/2021; synth; 11'26"

<>What It's Like To Follow KEYTAR BEAR; 2/23/2019; synth; 03'02" (22-EDO)

<>Curiosity Finds a Frown; 3/13/2018; singer and synth; 04'30" (23-EDO)

<>Quintet in Quarter Tones; 3/1/2017; woodwind quintet; 03'06" (24-EDO)

<>Clubb Hubb; 6/11/2020; singer and synth; 03'37" (27-EDO)

<>Falling out of Success; 9/5/2019; voice and piano; 04'27" (31-EDO)

<>Improvisation is Hard Gesundheit! Edition; 9/18/2019; hammered dulcimer and voice; 02'37" (31-EDO)

<>Key to Owning Original Words; 7/20/2018; singer and synth; 04'15" (31-EDO)

<>Wash Your Hands; 3/16/2020; TTBB choir; 00'20" (31-EDO)

<>Admin's Hot Tub; 5/27/2019; synth; 03'23" (32-EDO)

<>Frozen Half-Patience [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 12/4/2020; synth; 11'26" (32-EDO)

<>Zinnia Riplet [Ignoring Years of Hindsight]; 5/27/2019; synth; 10'43" (32-EDO)

<>Exponentially More Lost and Forgetful; 8/28/2017; flute duet; 04'00" (36-EDO)

<>Rummaging Industrially (36-EDO); 1/20/2021; flute and fixed media accompaniment; 08'09"

<>4 (4 4L 4s's) for 40edo (no 40ed4) [🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘;] 🙄💀👺💩🙄💀👺💩... (40-EDO)

<>Let Us Greet One Another With a Holy Kiss; 10/8/2018; synth; 00'53" (53-EDO)

<>Twofold Abiogenesis; 1/1/2019; audiovisual live processing; 10'00" (53-EDO)

<>We Stand on the Shoulders of Your Miracle; 4/12/2020; TTBB choir; 05'17" (72-EDO)

<>(Googolplex)edo [🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘;]😹😻😼😽🤧😷🤒🤕😿😽🤧😹😽... (100-EDO)

<>1200edo [🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘;]😍😱😱🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... (1200-EDO)


Non-octave, non-just tunings


<>πed(5ede)😈👹😈😸🤪😜👹😈😜👹😈😾😖🤨😪😸🤪😜👹😈👹😈😾😖🤨😪😸🤪😜👹😈😾😖🤨😪... ((3.1415)-ED(1.221403))

<>A Mean Little Voice; 1/14/2017; fixed media; 06'34" (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce")

<>Bohlen-Pierce with reinforced 2^n partials and manual vibrato 😴🤓😇😌😇🤓😇😌😴🤓😇... (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce")

<>Her Selcouth Touch; 7/30/2019; singers and synth; 04'41" (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce")

<>Unintelligent Hierarch; 8/23/2019; laptop ensemble, toy piano, recorder; 17'00" max (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce")

<>24ëdδ 🤲🤲👐🙌🙌🙌🤛🤜👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓🕶... ((24)-ED(4.669))

<>edharmonic 5% flat starting from 120, 181, and 197 Hz😛😛😛😛😋😋😛😛🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😛😛... (edharmonic)

Just Intonation (JI)

<>Nerdstick Walks; 8/28/2018; singer, banjo, and synth; 03'00" ( JI "Tickner Scale");

<>Reading Writing Wrong Way; 11/24/2019; harmonic guitar and voice; 08'28" (13-limit JI)

<>3 to 5 to 8 linear to logarithmic continuum using prime numbers of Hz 😃😃😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😔😔😔😔... (5557-limit JI)

<>1,000,003-limit Just Intonation😢😓​🤗​😢😭​😬​😢😭​😤😢😓😢😓😢😓😢😓😢😓😢😓😢😭​😤😬😢... (1000003-limit JI)

Temperaments (non-just, non-equal)

<>Nowhere in Super Particular (Sonarda TE); 4/22/2018; singer and synth; 05'25"

<>Rank-15 tuning tempering out [34833, -452, -740, 304, 1204, -680, 32, -68, -472, -1388, -1629, 396, -844, 96, -968, -1828>🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖... (Rank 15 temperament: cross breed of 84be & 85bee & 86beef & 87beg & 88cell & 89dell & 90dino & 91egg & 92foo & 93gin & 94hi & 95hill & 96him & 97in & 98no)

Continuum (scale with changing values)

<>Subconscious Train Matter (7L 3s continuum); 12/11/2017; laptop ensemble; 06'00"

Imaginary (dividing intervals via (√-1))

<>(√-703921)ed(e^τ) starting at 2000 Hz 😠👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😠👿👿👿... ((839i)-ED(535.4916555))

Polysystemic (multiple tunings)


<>All strings with 3L and 7s (MOS-MUD) 😯😯😫😫😫😫😫... (17-EDO, 24-EDO, 27-EDO, 31-EDO, 37-EDO, 38-EDO, 45-EDO, 47-EDO, 59-EDO, 77-EDO)

<>16edo, 18edo, 20edo, 28edo, 30edo 🚧🔨🛠🗝🚭🗝🚭🗝🚭🥨🏈🥨🏈🥨🏈🥨🏈... (16-EDO, 18-EDO, 20-EDO, 28-EDO, 30-EDO)

<>71edo, 72edo, 105edo, 106edo, 204edo, 205edo 🙂🙃😕🙁🙁😶😐😑... (71-EDO, 72-EDO, 105-EDO, 106-EDO, 204-EDO, 205-EDO)

<>1 HOUR Chakra Meditation attempt FREE [Ignoring Years of Hindsight] (23-limit JI, 20-EDO); 10/21/2020; synth; 01°00'00"

<>My girlfriend's hair dryer💋👩👅🐰⚡️⚡️⚡️🥑⚡️⚡️👩⚡️⚡️👅⚡️⚡️🎍⚡️⚡️💥⚡️... (5-EDO, 7-EDO, 9-EDO, 48-EDO)

<>1536edo (&20 more EDO's 1699+) 🆒🆕​​🆓​🆒🆕​​🆓​🆒🆕​​... (1536-EDO, 1700-EDO, 1728-EDO, 2460-EDO, 3072-EDO, 3125-EDO, 4296-EDO, 6144-EDO, 8539-EDO, 10600-EDO, 12288-EDO, 24576-EDO, 30103-EDO, 31920-EDO, 36829-EDO, 46032-EDO, 49152-EDO, 58973-EDO, 98304-EDO, 196608-EDO)

<>All ED3's 5-50😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😮😮😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵🤐🤐🤐🤤🤤🤤... (5ed3, 6ed3, 7ed3, 8ed3, 9ed3, 10ed3, 11ed3, 12ed3, 13ed3 "Bohlen-Pierce", 14ed3, 15ed3, 16ed3, 17ed3, 18ed3, 19ed3, 20ed3, 21ed3, 22ed3, 23ed3, 24d3, 25ed3, 26ed3, 27ed3, 28ed3, 29ed3, 30ed3, 31ed3, 32ed3, 33ed3, 34ed3, 35ed3, 36ed3, 37ed3, 38ed3, 39ed3, 40ed3, 41ed3, 42ed3, 43ed3, 44ed3, 45ed3, 46ed3, 47ed3, 48ed3, 49ed3, 50ed3)

<>All 11-note MOS with periods of 2 and δ where L/s = 2φ 😏😊😊😊🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔... (period of 2 -1L 10s, 2L 9s, 3L 8s, 4L 7s, 5L 6s, 6L 5s, 7L 4s, 8L 3s, 9L 2s, 10L 1s; period of 4.669 - 1L 10s, 2L 9s, 3L 8s, 4L 7s, 5L 6s, 6L 5s, 7L 4s, 8L 3s, 9L 2s, 10L 1s)

Indeterminate (tuning-agnostic)


<>The Sky at Witching Hour; 12/5/2015; fixed media; 05'22"

<>Reception for Phone Ensemble; 5/18/2019; 3-15 cellphone conversations; 15'00" max

<>Texting About Broccoli; 4/1/2019; fixed media (18.4); 03'23"

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