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This is music written for other people to play, often in an academic setting, or using aesthetics that don't necessarily have to be part of song structure-based ideas. This page includes works for one or two performers (solo works and soloist w/ accompaniment), duets, works for small ensemble (individuals), or works for large ensemble (a 20+ or so existing group).

Soloist (+ or - accompaniment)

<>Songs of the Ill and Jaded (15-EDO, 22-EDO, 31-EDO); completed 7/7/2020; viola and synth; ~15'00"?

     (I) 15-equal

     (II) 31-equal

     (III) 22-equal

<>Rummaging Industrially (36-EDO); 1/20/2021; flute and fixed media accompaniment; 08'09"

<>(II) In the Week Midwinter; 4/7/2018; piano; 01'42"

<>Piano Sonata No. 1; 9/25/2017; piano; 09'30"

<>The Heptapods' Second Gift; 4/11/2017; contrabass clarinet and piano accompaniment; 11'00"

<>Love, Power, and Wisdom in Situ; 3/22/2016; bassoon; 11'06"

     (I) Ozymandias

     (II) Parthenon

     (III) Kiss

Duets (+ or - accompaniment)

<>Exponentially More Lost and Forgetful (36-EDO); 8/28/2017; flute duet; 04'00"

Small Ensemble

<>Unintelligent Hierarch (13-ED3 "Bohlen-Pierce"); 8/23/2019; laptop ensemble, toy piano, recorder; 17'00" max

<>Reception for Phone Ensemble; 5/18/2019; 3-15 cellphone conversations; 15'00" max

<>The Ball State Centennial Suite; 4/29/2019; mixed quartet and piano; 07'00"

     (I) Dear Alma-Mande

     (II) The Cardinal Waltz

     (III) We'll Honor Thee

     (IV) Gigue, both day and night

<>Liquid Sextet; completed 2/14/2018; percussion ensemble; 20'00"

<>Meditation on the Amida Buddha; 1/9/2018; mixed quintet; 02'31"

<>Subconscious Train Matter (7L 3s continuum); 12/11/2017; laptop ensemble; 06'00"

<>Gamelan, Origin, Creation (9-EDO); 8/20/2017; cello and violin; 02'15"

<>Quintet in Quarter Tones (24-EDO); 3/1/2017; woodwind quintet; 03'06"

<>Bragging with Gratitude; completed 2/7/2017; strings, winds and piano; 05'00"

<>Tenacious Chorale (8-EDO, 9-EDO); 3/18/2016; guitar trio; 09'37"

     (I) 9-edo

     (II) 8-edo

<>A Long Stroll at the Beach; 3/18/2016; trombone quartet; 09'43"

<>Zones of Lasting Novelty (9-EDO); 11/3/2015; synth, 2 violins, and trombone; 05'25"

Large Ensemble


<>Alternative Idolizations of Mammon; 1/19/2018; wind ensemble; 05'02"

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