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I transcribe microtonal music in mostly equal divisions of the octave, using Dorico, Reaper, and other tools. I also have knowledge and experience with which notation works best for performers/is most readable, so may also additionally act as a consultant/dispense advice on which notation system to use and how. Here are some examples of my work:

FAST-FAST (Imaginary Colours)
UnTwelve (Edition Zalzal)

Brendan Byrnes (various guitar etudes)
Zhea Erose (Arrival)
Mike Battaglia (Sweet Lorraine, Infant Eyes)
Hear Between the Lines (Overjoyed, Radical Tenderness album)

For a quote, please use the calculator below! A more precise input of track-by-track song breakdown will result in more accurate and lower pricing. (This is because, in circumstances specifics not known, we have to assume the most difficult parameters).

Typically each transcription has been half up front, half at the end, but policy is flexible, and paying on a per-track-basis may also be suitable.



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