Here is a list of my works organized by length. I want to consolidate all of my works into collections/albums eventually so that they can easily be chunked and thus appreciated. Collections contain old and new material, and are not listed on their own here (go to works organized by collection for that). Albums, which contain all new works at the time of release, are shown here with sub-headings of all of the tracks (which are sometimes movements of a piece). Both albums and collections are indicated by brackets and an underline. So far there are two albums (Six Macrotonal Etudes for Electronic Music Media,

🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘;), and one collection (Ignoring Years of Hindsight). Click on the name of a piece to be taken to Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or YouTube (I try to use the link that gives you the most detail, so if the song has video content, you'll go to YouTube, and if it's part of an album or collection, you'll go there on Bandcamp. Some are also just on Soundcloud). Almost all of my songs are Googlenopes, which means they should be easy to find with quotation marks if you're searching the site.

Please contact Stephen about anything musical.

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