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(ear training and music theory)

2 interval trainer

I made software using Max/MSP that plays two successive intervals in 12-equal, one right after the other, which the user then guesses. The user can also filter the intervals they want to practice and see how they did on their answer. This was done to help train students in my aural skills classes at Ball State University (MUST 202). 2 interval ear trainer can be found here (at my Google Drive) for Windows and Mac ------>

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 1.36.23 AM.png

Terpstra 31-equal pitch table soundplayer (also known as the Diatonic-Chromatic-Enharmonic)

I made software using Max/MSP that shows pitch classes and letters for all of the diatonic, chromatic, and enharmonic relationships of 31-tone equal temperament (originally drawn by Siemen Terpstra - article here.)  You can also click on a triad pair, of which there are 63, to play sound. For instructions on its use, you can check out the YouTube video and/or notes included with the software itself. It can be downloaded as a Max patch from my Google Drive here -------->

Future plans:

Equal temperament ID trainer (melodic and harmonic with scales)

Sight-reading random tonal melodies trainer

Halberstadt equal tunings interface
2-7 interval free pitch trainer (cent values)
The intonation/JND tester

72-equal ear trainer

Different intonations of chord progressions 

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